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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

iCanEat OnTheGo Gluten & Allergen Free™

I'm on the go myself, away from home and not able to post as often as I would like, so it highly appropriate that I write about iCanEat OnTheGo Gluten & Allergen Free™, an iPhone app from the people behind Let's Eat Out and the GlutenFree Passport site.

iCanEat OnTheGo Gluten & Allergen Free™ dynamically customizes menu items from 15 Fast Food and Quick Service Restaurant Chains in the US based on your allergens. Quickly & discreetly, you can:

Select and personalize any combination of 9 common food allergens:
Gluten • Wheat • Eggs • Fish • Milk • Peanuts • Shellfish • Soy • Tree Nuts

Explore 15 menus from top US Fast Food & Quick Service

View almost 1,600 menu items with color coded-columns to see which items contain your concerns

Hide menu items that contain your allergens to see what you CAN eat

The fast food chains involved are: Arby’s, Boston Market, Burger King, Chick-fil-A, Dairy Queen, Domino’s Pizza, Dunkin’ Donuts, KFC, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Qdoba, Sonic, Subway, Taco Bell and Wendy’s.

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