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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Yoghurt Dog Food?

You know, I hope, that all adult dogs are lactose intolerant. Just like all adults cats. And like 70% of adult humans. You can probably get away with giving your pets some milk but too much and you'll be scraping up the evidence that they are lactose intolerant.

So putting yogurt - or yoghurt, British style - into dog food would be a problem. Unless it's lactose-free yoghurt.

And that's what Yoghurt Plus contains, according to this press release.

Yoghurt Plus is a world-first in pet food delivering a number of unique benefits to dogs. It has a holistic, symbiotic blend of pro and pre biotics, lactose free yoghurt and enzymes that work together to give dogs a complete and balanced feed. Just like yoghurt creates inner health for humans, through the use of beneficial bacteria, Yoghurt Plus creates the same benefits for your pet. ...

Yoghurt Plus has been developed by John Gould, former Australian Rules Footballer, who played half back for two Carlton premiership sides in the 1960s. John, who resides in Camperdown, VIC and today owns 10 domestic dogs and a pack of over 80 foxhounds, developed the product over five years. ...

Available in two flavours for dogs with more varieties to come, and a cat food variant on the way, Yoghurt Plus is on sale at Coles and IGA at $13.62 for a 3kg and $6.98 for a 1.25kg.

It's nice to read that Gould knew enough abut dogs to take the lactose out. I can't vouch for the rest of the product, but that's a good start.

More information is at the Yoghurt Plus website.

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