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Friday, December 25, 2009

Dairy-Free Brownies by Alicia Silverstone

First, the good stuff.

I told you about Alicia Silverstone's Kind Diet cookbook. If you want to see a luscious-looking dairy-free brownie recipe from it, get on over to ABC News, which reprints an article by Michele Kayal for The Associated Press. That features a photo of a brownie that looks about as thick and creamy as a chocolate cake. Mine never come out that way, but you're probably a better baker than I am.

Now the rant.

Don't you hate articles on the Web that make you click onto a second (or third or fourth) page, just to see one line for no other reason than it gives you more exposure to more ads? This story commits that offense. And there's not even an option to put the whole recipe onto one page. Recipes should be all on one page. Always.

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