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Sunday, December 27, 2009

My latest trip to the supermarket also led me to stumble over a display of products from The company was started by - you guessed it - a mother who started baking for her child.

So, my idea was born. That night I immediately went home and started creating a recipe for Super Sugar Cookies. Why shouldn't I be able to go to a store, any store, to get delicious gluten, egg and nut free cookies for my son? Many batches and tastings of cookies later my concept was real and tangible. Cookies...FOR ME? is born!

This is not just a passion for me but a labor of love. I want anyone that might have these sensitivities to feel special and know that they can get delicious bakery cookies like anyone else. If you could have seen Matthew's face light up when he saw these decorated sugar cookies for him your heart would melt. He grabbed a cookie, took a bite then ran upstairs to wake his dad and tell him "mommy made cookies for me."

The sugar cookies are still gluten-free and are also dairy-free, egg-free and nut-free. As far as I can tell, so are all their other cookies and brownies.

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