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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Planet Lactose, Another Good Thought for a Present

Thinking about Hanukkah gifts made me think about Christmas gifts and gift giving in general. Why give a gift that will be used up and thrown away in an evening. Why not something that will last, because it's something you can turn to over and over again?

OK, you caught me. A little self-promotion here. But honestly, Planet Lactose, The Best of the Blog is a terrific compilation of the best, most timeless posts I've made here so far.

You don't even have to take my word for it. I've got independent witnesses, as testified to in my press release.

You can order it from my new publishing company. Or check out the block and the website that goes along.

The book is easiest to order via PayPal. If you live outside the country or want to contact me for other reasons, here's even more info.

And now for a big, big look at the cover. Cartoon is by Dan Reynolds.

The book has a little bit, heck, a whole lot, of everything that might interest you.

Cost is a measly $16.00, with free delivery, except outside of the U.S. Just go to and go to the Purchase Books page. With PayPal everything is automated and easy.

Your friends will be amazed you could give something so obviously useful away. It'll really show how much you're thinking about them.

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