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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Alkemie Dairy-Free Ice Cream

Following in the footsteps of last year's hugest trend - dairy-free milk alternatives made with coconut milk and agave nectar as sweetener, comes Alkemie Dairy-Free Ice Cream. The twist that makes them new and different: they use cashew milk as the main ingredient.

Alkemie was founded with a mission: to provide you with a truly wholesome, nutritionally superior dairy-free frozen dessert that is equally as rich and creamy as premium dairy ice cream. With our unique base of organic raw cashews, coconut and agave nectar, we have taken the purest ingredients and perfected a classic. Our company was created with the promise of delivering not only supreme taste, but quality food for your body as well. Using only what nature has provided us, we present to you a handcrafted (batch-churned), innovative and dairy-free option for that authentic ice cream experience.

Alkemie comes in three flavors, dark chocolate, mint chocolate chip, and vanilla bean.

Unfortunately, Alkemie is currently only available in northern California.

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