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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Chelsea's Vegan Wedding Cake

Every media outlet in the known universe has an article on Chelsea Clinton's wedding today. How can I say this? Because even The Hill, a specialty, small-circulation, insider's paper that doesn't cover anything but Congress has an article on Chelsea's wedding.

I don't want to break media law, so I need to have a Chelsea article too.

And I'll quote from The Hill to do it, completing the loop.

Chelsea Clinton is a vegan, so guests can expect a dairy-free wedding cake, as well as other non-vegan choices.

Oh, and the news doesn't stop there, my friends. The cake is also gluten-free! From the bridal site,
Our sources tell us that the bride's gluten allergy is making it difficult to find a wedding baker. Calls to three top bakers in New York state, including family favorite Lulu's in Scarsdale, have not confirmed who will be making the couple's wedding cake but a gluten-free cake is sure to be on the wedding menu.

Old news. Lulu's logo was spotted!

Lulu's cake gallery. The cake has been widely reported to cost $11,000.

Look, if you're upset that the daughter of a president has had an elaborate wedding, get over yourself and study some history. President's daughters - whether their fathers happen to be in office or not - have always had fairytale weddings.

And Chelsea appears to be a model for all. Bright, modest, educated, unspoiled by fame, and utterly untouched by scandal. If you can't be happy for someone like her then look inward for your faults.

Mazel tov, Chelsea and Marc. May a dairy-free, gluten-free life of happiness await you both. (Or dairy-, gluten-, and meat-filled if you, Marc, are none of the above.)

Dianna Mardar of has the latest on Chelsea's cake. Seems that all the early reports were severely deficient in the fact department.

First, the baker was wrong. The cake was "a triumph for Frances and Maarten Steenman of La Tulipe Desserts in New York's Westchester County."

And while Chelsea is a vegan, the cake itself wasn't. Gluten-free to be sure, but filled with dairy. Or at least chocolate mousse. And butter, according to other reports. Not to mention eggs.
Some media outlets speculated that the wedding cake was also dairy-free because the bride is a vegetarian of long standing. But Frances Steenman said that was not the case.

"Instead of flour, we used a special brown rice blend that contains no barley, rye, oats, or wheat," she said. "But no, it was not a vegan cake."

Honestly, do reporters at major outlets not understand the difference between vegan and vegetarian? I admit that despite the number of stories referring to her as a vegan, there are also reports saying that she is a vegetarian instead. Chelsea has stayed far enough off the radar that not knowing this bit of info about her isn't surprising.

Either way, I'm sure all of you understand the distinction: vegetarians often have dairy and eggs; vegans do not. Vegan cookbooks are fine for those looking for dairy-free recipes; vegetarian cookbooks are often problematic. How can there still be people who don't get it?


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