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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lisanatti Foods Cheese Alternatives

I went shopping today at a natural foods store, and found some brands that are new to me.

The first is Lisanatti Foods.

Lisanatti® Foods, family owned and operated in Oregon since 1977, produces several varieties of high quality cheese alternatives: THE ORIGINAL Almond®, Senora Lupe®, PREMIUM Soy-Sation®, RiceCheeze®, and MUNCHEEZE® Snack Sticks. We have been using organic and non-GMO ingredients for many years and source the finest ingredients commercially available.

Lisanatti® cheese alternatives are easy to use in favorite recipes as a cholesterol-free, gluten-free substitute for traditional dairy cheese. For dietary changes to improve health, our vegetarian cheese alternatives contain no Trans fats or saturated fats, are low in sodium and good sources of calcium and protein.

Let's break those down into flavors:

The Original ALMOND
Cheddar Style Chunks
Mozzarella Style Chunks
Garlic-Herb Style Chunks
Jalapeno Jack Style Chunks

SoySation® Chunks
SoySation® Slices
SoySation® Shreds

RiceCheeze® Cheddar Style Chunks
RiceCheeze® Mozzarella Style Chunks
RiceCheeze® Pepper Jack Style Chunks
MUNCHEEZE™ Mozzarella Style Snack Sticks
MUNCHEEZE™ American Style Snack Sticks

Senora Lupe (soy-based)
Chipotle Style Chunks
Jalapeno Mild Style Chunks
Manchego Style Chunks
Quesadilla Style Chunks

All the different styles and flavors appear to contain the milk protein casein. That makes them melt like regular cheese but are not recommend for people with milk protein allergies, though they are find for those of us with lactose intolerance and for vegetarians (but not vegans).

Lisanatti Foods
1815 Red Soils Court
Oregon City, OR 97045

(866)864-3922 Toll Free
(503)652-1988 Local
(503)653-1979 Fax

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