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Friday, July 23, 2010

New Source of Lactase Drops

The coming and going of lactase drops in the U.S. has been an ongoing saga for many years. The last news I had was bad. I had to inform you that Pharmax Liquid Lactase Drops were no longer being available.

That meant that while lactase could still be imported from Canada, where the Lacteeze and Lactaid brands are available from a number of internet retailers, the convenience of not needing to get mail across borders was lacking.

Then Benjamin Lynch sent me a welcome email.

I used to provide the Liquid Lactase by Pharmax but, as you may know, it no longer exists.

No one has access to Liquid Lactase anymore which is why I manufactured our own Lactase Drops.

It arrived last week at our distribution center.

Lactase Drops took me months to develop as I was strict in ensuring its effectiveness and purity. We had to redo the formula a few times in order to get it strong and effective. I found it is very difficult to make but we got it.

You may find it here:

There are quite a few Q and A there already which I have answered. Please read them as they should answer quite a few of your questions.

Here's a partial quote from that page.
Lactase Drops digests lactose so you may enjoy dairy once again. Only $0.29 to make a pint of lactose-free milk. Makes up to 94 pints, 45 liters or 12 gallons of lactose-free milk. Laboratory tested for effectiveness and purity. Made in a GMP Certified facility in Canada according to the strict rules of Health Canada.

The product appears to be repackaged Lacteeze drops. I've always had great admiration for Gelda Scientific, the company that makes Lacteeze drops and which waged a campaign to keep them available in America through mail order after Lactaid stopped making them here. I'd be happy to recommend any company that offers Lacteeze.

So I'm going to give a very cautious recommendation that you purchase these lactase drops if you don't want any hassle in getting them from Canada.

I dislike the general tone of the HealthE Goods site. You can't cure all those dozens of ailments or alleviate all those symptoms with over-the-counter remedies. But you can say exactly the same thing of a GNC store or any pharmacy. I'm old fashioned that way. And I have to admit that I do buy certain products at pharmacies or GNC and all the similar stores. The secret is to pick your products and stick to them.

So with that said, it's good to see lactase drops easily available in the U.S. once more.

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Dr Ben said...

Hi Steve -

I agree that it is impossible to cure all symptoms and health concerns with over the counter supplements. It is my intention to help provide more detailed information about which products may help for which symptom or health concern so people use the product properly.

Many people choose products for incorrect conditions which is a waste of their money and time. That is the idea behind our categorization.

Your point is good though; and I am pondering how to redo the categories and present more information.

The Lactase Drops by Seeking Health are custom formulated by my company and manufactured by a GMP certified lab in Canada. Lactase Drops are not repackaged Lacteeze drops.

The testimonials coming in for Lactase Drops are quite favorable as you can see on the Lactase Drops page:

I would like to send you a bottle of Lactase Drops at no charge so you may try them and offer your opinion.

Also, I am very open to comments about HealthE Goods. Any suggestions for improvement, please do offer.

We recently launched which is an area for people ask health questions, read past Q and A and read natural health articles.

Thank you

Dr Ben

Joey said...

Hello Steve
Here is a simple solution. Simply crush lactase tablets and add the powder to whatever dairy product you want to make lactose free. I have checked the lactase concentration in tablets and drops, and the tablets contain orders of magnitude more lactase than the drops. The reason for this is probably that contacting with the lactose in your digestive system when using the tablets is a bit of a hit and miss affair, which the manufacturers of these products solve by having a fairly large concentration of the enzyme per tablet. I have read that people think you can't use the tablets in the same way as the drops, because the tablets only work at higher temperatures, and the drops at fridge temps, but that is nonsense. Both forms will react slower at lower temps (that is why the drops need time to work), the tablets also just need more time (that is typical of many chemical reactions, they speed up in warmer conditions).
I crush one regular tablet per liter milk, and 500 ml yogurt, and leave it overnight to do the job. As you can appreciate, it is much cheaper than the drops. And it works just fine.