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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bunches of Dairy-Free Recipes

OK, I admit that at first glance, Cancer Center Recipes Just for You is not the most appealing come on I've ever seen.

Even so, click on "Recipe Search" when you get to that page. That'll bring up a screen that will allow you to search for only specific recipes in their database - only dairy-free or only vegan or only both, just for example.

The bunches pun in my title is there because the site is heavy on recipes containing fruits and vegetables. From that same search page, you can select which fruits and/or vegetables you want to make sure are in the recipes that are offered. When I ask it to give me vegan dairy-free recipes that contain cucumbers, I get five results.

You can play with the site for hours because hundreds of recipes are in the database.

With every sensible nutritionist (and even some of the crazy non-nutritionist diet gurus) recommending increased numbers of fruits and vegetables in our diets, a fruit and vegetable-based recipe resource is a great idea. Thanks to the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center for the work they did in putting the site together.

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