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Friday, January 25, 2008

Lifetime Lactose-Free Cheese Now Mail Orderable

Lifetime Specialty Cheeses is one of the major sources for real-time lactose-free cheese.

Back in July I had to announce that Lifetime was no longer offering its cheeses through the mail because of the cost of shipping.

That's no longer true. Derek Thielke of Northwoods Cheese Co. sent me an email telling me his company has taken over the shipping for Lifetime. He wrote:

I just wanted you to know that the Lactose Free cheeses from Lifetime Cheese are now available through my company. We have taken on the role of shipping cheese to individuals that cannot find this cheese in their local stores. If you go to the Lifetime Cheese web site, you will see this message:

9/24/2007 --- UPDATE!


Thank you for your patience while we have been busy working to find a solution for our Mail/Phone/Fax customers!

We have partnered with a great company called Northwoods Cheese Company based in Verona, Wisconsin to handle mail order for our customers. Northwoods Cheese does an exceptional job and are much better set up to handle customer orders. They also sell a wide range of cheeses and cheese gift packages which are great for the holidays.

They are currently selling our Lifetime Fat Free Cheese for $3.99/each plus shipping. The rest of the Lifetime cheeses should be available through Northwoods Cheese shortly.

To place an order, Please called Derek toll free at:

Toll Free: 888-878-3161
Fax: 608-833-0092


Lifeline Food Company, Inc.

We are located in WI, which has helped cut the cost of shipping cheese throughout the country. We ship the cheese in a cooler with ice and can reach most areas of the country shipping UPS within 3 days. Shipping costs vary by the location and the amount of cheese ordered-we price each individual shipment so it is fair to everyone that orders from us.

The problem has been cleared up for some months now so I certainly apologize to Lifetime if anybody was dissuaded from their site by my earlier post. As I have to emphasize, however, I can't monitor every site every day and I rely on others to feed me information I've missed. Thanks to Derek for the heads-up.

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