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Monday, January 21, 2008

Divvies Founder on Martha Stewart

Divvies makes Martha Stewart!

Let me rephrase that. I've mentioned Divvies, makers of kosher, vegan, dairy-free and several other frees cupcakes and "fun foods" several times here. You might remember Divvies Dairy-Free Halloween and the later post when they began shipping, Divvies Delivers.

Whatever they're doing, they're doing big league. Lori Sanders, along with Benjamin, the son for whom she started baking the specialty goods, will appear on Martha Stewart's intragalactically-broadcast television show.

Do I hear the words press release?

On Tuesday, the 29th, Lori Sandler, creator of Divvies (the nut- and dairy-free treats that are “made to share”), and her son Benjamin, will join Martha Stewart on her show to make their notoriously moist and delicious cupcakes without using the traditional ingredients; milk and eggs.

Lori Sandler started Divvies with her husband Mark as a sweet solution for the millions who have serious food allergies and can’t share in the fun of party treats or even the simplest playdate snacks. Sandler was determined to bring the yummy, safe confections she’d perfected for her son, Benjamin, who has life-threatening food allergies, to the rescue of other parents who were struggling to find delicious treats for their children with food allergies.


About Divvies
Divvies is a dedicated peanut-, tree nut-, milk- and egg-free bakery headquartered in South Salem, NY. and is committed to raising awareness and identifying new ways to help parents and children cope with food allergies. Divvies donates a portion of the proceeds of the sales on their gift boxes to the Food Allergy Initiative, an organization dedicated to food allergy research. Divvies is continually expanding their product line. For a press kit, or to place an order, visit Thanks to Divvies, life’s little pleasures of delicious desserts are now available to share!

Check local listings.

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