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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Even Cruises Cater to the LI

Hey, I guess we've made the big time, culinarily speaking.

Caroline Costello on, in something that feels like than a critical review and more like something I honestly thought at first was a press release, raves about the chefs on Princess Cruises.

At Chef's Table, passengers can chat with the chef while he cooks the night's meal as they snack on hors d'oeuvres and cocktails in the galley. Participants then dine on a special multi-course menu, served only at Chef's Table, and sample wine in a designated area of the ship's main dining room. Dessert is served with a side of conversation as the chef rejoins the group to answer questions and share cooking secrets.

The executive chef on each ship selects from several pre-designed Chef's Table menus and may make changes based on seasonal ingredients and the location of the ship. Vegetarian and lactose intolerant cruisers needn't feel left out -- other menu alterations are made in accordance with passengers' dietary needs.

Hooray for us.

Hooray for the wealthier of us, at least. Not only do these pampered passengers at the Chef's Tables have to book extra early because they all sell out, but the cost is an additional $75 per person -- for one night of the cruise.

Money. If you could just eat it, why would you settle for anything else.

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