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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Two Gluten-Free Cookbooks by Sue Shepherd

Sue Shepherd is, according to the blurb on her publisher's site, "an accredited practicing dietician and a sufferer of coeliac disease, [and] recognized as Australia's leading dietician in the dietary management of coeliac disease and irritable bowel syndrome. She has an extensive knowledge of gluten-free food and nutrition, which she has used to produce two sell-out self-published cookbooks on the subject. Her latest book is Gluten-Free Cooking (Penguin, 2007).

No, it's not. Publishers, sheesh. The new book's full title is The Gluten-free Kitchen: 100 More Recipes for People with *gluten and lactose intolerance*irritable bowel syndrome*coeliac disease*fructose intolerance.

I Can Eat That opens with a brief explanation of intolerances. The recipes are divided into five main chapters (Plate-free food; Salads; Mains; Desserts; and Baking) and three 'mini' chapters (Soups; Comforting sides; and Puddings). The feel if this book is a little more 'comfort food' than the previous one, with a really good range of dessert and baking recipes (which are often seen as a limiting factor on a gluten-free diet).

Penguin Global Hardcover
168 pages
List price: $30.00

The book talked about in that blurb above is one that came out in 2008. Here's the info.

Gluten-Free Cooking brings together 80 recipes that can be enjoyed by sufferers of coeliac disease (gluten intolerance) along with a range of other dietary ailments including lactose and dairy intolerance, irritable bowel syndrome and fructose malabsorption. This is a practical guide for those who love their food, but are often thwarted by the sensitivity of their systems. There are recipes for fine dining, family dinners and vegetarian eating, as well as tips on how to stock a gluten-free pantry and suggestions on how to put together a sustaining breakfast and healthy lunchbox. With colour photography by renowned food photographer Ian Wallace, this is one as much for the health conscious as it is for lovers of good food.

Penguin Global Trade Paperback
152 pages
List price: $35.00

Don't ask me why an older, smaller, paperback costs more than the new hardback. I can't figure out anything that a publisher does.

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