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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Yours Truly by Tofutti

"Crunchy sugar cones lined with rich chocolate, topped with smooth creamy vanilla and dipped in a thick chocolate coating with chocolate cookie crunchies."

Sounds good? Notice what isn't mentioned? Well, what goes in sugar cones? Ice cream, of course. In fact, this sounds exactly like Nestle's Drumsticks. "Creamy vanilla dipped in a rich, extra-thick chocolatey coating—all in a crispy, chocolatey-lined sugar cone with a chocolatey surprise." Hmmm. That doesn't mention ice cream either, now that I look at it. (Technically, it isn't. The first ingredient is whey, not milk or cream. Surprise.) Whatever Drumsticks might be, though, they're certainly dairy.

Not Yours Truly by Tofutti, though. Like all Tofutti products it's non-dairy, even parve, made from corn and soy oil, soy protein, and tofu powder. Tofu powder! Who knew you could powder tofu?

You should be expecting a picture now. Certainly a link. You're not going to get one. That's because that's not even a hint of a mention of Yours Truly cones on the Tofutti website. I can find mentions of the product on the Internet dating back to last August, but no pictures at all. Even more oddly, the Canadian Tofutti site does mention it.

Yours Truly Cones
A crunchy sugar cone lined with rich chocolate topped with smooth creamy vanilla Tofutti and dipped in a thick chocolate coating with chocolate cookie crunchies.

Why is this odd? The cones are the only product not listed on the ingredients page.

Yours Truly by Tofutti. Mystery cones, creamy vanilla smothered in an enigma, dipped in a conundrum, and sprinkled with mystification.

UPDATE: A review of Yours Truly cones can be found here.

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Joyce said...

I had these at a friend's, thought they were absolutely delicious, but need to know where to obtain them in Southern California. I looked at Ralph's and Albertson's, and neither store had them. Please let me know where to find them.

Joyce said...

I would like to know which stores carry the Yours Truly by Tofutti ice cream cones, milk-free. Thank you.

Steve Carper said...

Contact information for Tofutti:

Phone: 908-272-2400
Fax: 908-272-9492

50 Jackson Dr.
Cranford, NJ 07016