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Monday, May 31, 2010

Vegan Boulangerie

The Vegan Boulangerie: The best of traditional French baking . . . egg and dairy-free is by Marianne and Jean-Michel. No last names. Sadly, our computerized world doesn't handle the lack of last names very well. Amazon insists on listing them as Marianne Marianne and Jean-Michel Jean-Michel. I'm pretty sure that's wrong.

Trafford Trade Paperback
144 pages
List Price: $14.99

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Marianne and Jean-Michel said...

That is correct, we wrote the book under our first names only! We're a French couple, been living on the north coast of Scotland for 5 years. We've been re-creating our favourite French food without any animal products ever since we became vegans, and then we thought it would be nice to share all those wonderful classics from French baking!
If you have any questions about the book contact us via our website, we'll be happy to help!

john said...

The combination of baking ingredients are really superb>it helps you lot to get enough protein as well as energy to make your body fit.
- Joe Dillon