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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Battle of the Best Vegetarian-Friendly Cities

Which cities are friendliest to vegetarians? You got choices. has three lists, large American cities, small American cities, and Canadian cities.

America's Best Vegetarian-Friendly Large Cities
1. Portland, Oregon
2. Seattle, Washington
3. San Francisco, California
4. New York, New York
5. Atlanta, Georgia
6. Washington, D.C.
7. Minneapolis, Minnesota
8. Austin, Texas
9. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
10. Chicago, Illinois

America's Best Vegetarian-Friendly Small Cities
1. Asheville, North Carolina
2. Eugene, Oregon
3. Salt Lake City, Utah
4. Norfolk, Virginia
5. Santa Monica, California
6. Santa Cruz, California
7. Boulder, Colorado
8. Madison, Wisconsin
9. Athens, Georgia
10. Ann Arbor, Michigan

Canada's Best Vegetarian-Friendly Cities
1. Vancouver, British Columbia
2. Victoria, British Columbia
3. Toronto, Ontario
4. Montréal, Québec
5. Calgary, Alberta
6. Ottawa, Ontario

You can find more about each of those cities' vegetarian delights by clicking on the links at the page.

PETA has a list that's similar in concept but limited to ten large North American cities.
1.Washington, D.C.
2.Portland, Oregon
3.Albuquerque, New Mexico
4.Atlanta, Georgia
5.Seattle, Washington
6.Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
7.San Francisco, California
8.Los Angeles, California
9.New York, New York
10.Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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