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Monday, August 30, 2010

Lactaid's New Lactose-Free Half-and-Half

Some true dairy products just can't be found in lactose-free form. Lactose-free dry milk powder is one. Lactose-free half-and-half used to be another.

Here comes the breaking news. Lactaid has just introduced a true dairy lactose-free half-and-half supermarket product. "LACTAID® Half & Half is the first lactose-free half & half made from 100% farm-fresh milk and cream, so you can enjoy the rich smoothness of real half & half in your coffee or tea."

What's the bad news? For now they are only available in New England and Upstate New York. Why? Other than how special and wonderful and deserving we are here in Upstate New York, I don't know.

The rest of you can start bugging your supermarket managers to get the product in as soon as it becomes available. Check Lactaid's half-and-half page for details.

Want more hot scoop?

There's also the new "LACTAID® Plastic Single Serve Milk [that]
is delicious 100% lactose-free milk with all of the vitamins and minerals of real milk in a handy, 12-ounce bottle." Available at universities and convenience stores.

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Anonymous said...

Bad news, I think this product is now discontinued. No longer listed on their website. :(

Anonymous said...

Please bring back the half and half, it was wonderful and great to cook with.

Anonymous said...

Please bring back the half and halp it was wonderful and great for receipes such as rice pudding, chowders, etc.

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for lactose free half and half and thought I'd finally found it. :-(