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Friday, March 28, 2008

Lactaid Promotes Calcium-Rich Milk to the African-American Market

Last year, Lactaid featured Hispanic actress Angelica Vale in ads targeted at the large lactose intolerant Hispanic market.

This year they've turned to celebrity chef and restaurateur Delilah Winder to target the African-American market."As a chef who is lactose intolerant testing all the food I prepared was somewhat of a challenge -- lactose intolerance can turn a perfect meal into a terrible memory," said Winder. "I found that I couldn't even enjoy my favorite dishes anymore. Discovering LACTAID® Milk and LACTAID® Fast Act Dietary Supplements helped me bring my award winning macaroni and cheese and all of my favorite dishes back to my table to enjoy with my friends and family."

The press release cites a new survey conducted by Yankelovich, Inc. on behalf of McNeil Nutritionals from February 28 - March 3, 2008 using online interviews among a sample of 200 African American adults 18 years of age or older that:
found that 63% of African Americans who experience stomach discomfort from eating dairy are likely to reduce or stop drinking milk or consuming dairy-rich products leaving them at risk for low calcium intake.

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