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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

No More Rice & Veggie Cream-Cheese Alternative

Dairy-free foods are a niche market, always a precarious place for any company to find itself in. Over the years I can't begin to estimate how many dairy-free foods I've seen disappear from store shelves.

Another pair has bit the dust. They're Rice Cream Cheese Alternative and Veggie Cream Cheese Alternative. Both are brand names from the big name in cheese alternatives, Galaxy Nutritional Foods, Inc.. Other brands include Galaxy, Veggy, Vegan, Rice Vegan, and Wholesome Valley. They used to distribute under the name Soyco, but that's apparently been spun off or sold off to an Australian firm.

Products distributed under the Rice brand name are made from organic brown rice and are dairy-free. They contain casein, so they are not suited for those with dairy allergies. However, the Rice Vegan products are casein-free, as are the Vegan brand products.

Veggie products are soy-based and lactose-free but not casein-free.

You can search for the several cream cheese alternatives that remain on the Nondairy Milk Alternatives - Cheeses and Cream Cheeses page in my Product Clearinghouse.

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