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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Lactose-Free Infant Formulas

Dr. Peter Nieman writes for The Calgary Herald, found on a useful reminder for mothers who may need to stop breastfeeding their baby, either temporarily or permanently.

For babies who have troubles digesting these standard starter formulas, a change can be made to a lactose-free formula -- which are usually identified by the letters LF (lactose free) on the label. Lactose is a form of sugar and it's important to know that the true incidence of lactose intolerance and colic is regularly overestimated.

The proteins in breast milk are 60 per cent whey and 40 per cent casein. Cow's milk-based formulas are predominantly casein-based.

Sometimes, a mother may switch from a starter formula to one which contains no lactose and soy protein. This "double switch" is frowned upon because it becomes harder to determine the cause of digestive upset. Also, some experts believe soy-based formulas carry potential dangers, a concern that has not been definitively established yet.

In the U.S. there are several major brand names that have milk-based but lactose free varieties.

Enfamil Lactofree LIPIL.

Similar Sensitive (formerly Similac Lactose Free).

Parent's Choice Lactose-Free Infant Formula.

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