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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Kind Word for Starbucks

I'm not a coffee drinker. Or at least I don't go out to coffee shops. Just not interested. Therefore, the hatred and contempt that many people have for Starbucks escapes me, especially since I see so many people in them.

So finding a kind word in print about Starbucks is man-bites-dog news of a sort.

I found it in a story by Erin Flegg in the Queen's University Journal, a college newspaper in Toronto. Apparently a local coffee shop, Coffee & Company, closed down after a Starbucks moved in across the street two years ago.

Not everybody was sad about the closing. Flegg interviewed one student who just liked the taste of Starbucks' coffee better. And one more thing:

She said there are also more options to accommodate her lactose intolerance. Starbucks offers lactose-free milk as well as soy milk.

More options mean more customers. Retailers, please remember this small piece of wisdom. And even the lactose-intolerant like coffee.

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