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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Nick Smith couture du chocolat

My plebeian trans-Atlantic self has no idea who "Mersey IT boy Nick Smith" might be. He's described as a "designer and entrepreneur," and certainly has the trendily flash-driven unreadable and unusable website that is implied by those words.

However, Janet Tansley of the Liverpool Echo says that darling Nicky is:

developing Nick Smith couture du chocolat – the world’s first organic, dairy free, gourmet designer chocolate ‘that’s simply delicious and due to launch in Selfridges in time for Christmas’.

I have my doubt that there's a "first" in any of those adjectives, but organic, dairy free, and gourmet are good things.

Not that Nick Smith appears to be lactose intolerant himself. Or dairy allergic. Or vegan.

The article is evidently part of a series on what celebrities would do for a Last Supper. Nick's dessert cart includes the milk-saturated "grapes and cream, Belgian chocolate truffles and organic carrot cake." By far most interesting is his choice of "fleshly made ice cream."

The rich are different from you and me.

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1 comment:

Jeanie Fradkin said...

I've been a fan of Nick Smith's for over ten years now; he is an amazing designer who's hats I usually buy at Bergdorf's on Fifth. Thanks to your blog I learnt about his gourmet chocolate and managed to locate his chocolate range and have some imported (I couldn't find a stockist in the USA). I can report that I have tried six flavors and it is divine!!!!!! The orange zest one was my favorite.