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Saturday, April 04, 2009

April Is Soy Foods Month

April is:

African American Women's Fitness Month, Alcohol Awareness Month, Amateur Radio Month, Autism Awareness Month, Cancer Control Month, Car Care Month, Celebrate Diversity Month, Child Abuse Prevention Month, (International) Cesarean Awareness Month, Couple Appreciation Month, Emotional Overeating Awareness Month, Fair Housing Month, Financial Literacy Month, Fresh Florida Tomatoes Month, Global Child Nutrition Month, Grange Month, Holy Humor Month, Home Improvement Time, Informed Women Month, International Customer Loyalty Month, International Pet First Aid Awareness Month, International Twit Award Month, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) Month, Jazz Appreciation Month, Keep America Beautiful, Month of the Young Child, Month of the Military Child, National Child Abuse Prevention Month, National Card and Letter Writing Month, National Decorating Month, National DNA & Genomics & Stem Cell Education & Awareness Month, National Donate Life Month, National Garden Month, National Humor Month, National Kite Month, National Knuckles Down Month, National Landscape Architecture Month, National Occupational Therapy Month, National Parkinson's Awareness Month, National Pecan Month, National Poetry Month, Nationally Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), National Sexual Assault Awareness Month, National Youth Sports Safety Month, Pharmacists War on Diabetes Month, Physical Wellness Month, Prevent Lyme in Dogs Month, Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month, Rosacea Awareness Month, School Library Media Month, Straw Hat Month, Stress Awareness Month, Southern Belles Month, Women's Eye Health & Safety Month, Workplace Conflict Awareness Month, World Habitat Awareness Month.

Where do I find the time?

And with all that going on, how to make time to tell you that April is also Soy Foods Month?

Well, the easy way for me to do it is to tell you to go over to the SoyFoods Association of North America (SANA) and let them do all the work.

Even better, SANA members are offering coupons for their products.
•Hain Celestial Group - Offering coupons on WestSoy soymilks

•House Foods America Corp. - Offering coupons on Tofu

•SOYJOY - Offering coupons on Soy Bars

•Soyatoo! - Offering discounts on soy whipped cream. For more information please contact 801-461-3396 ext.101

•TofuXpress - The new gourmet food press that helps you prepare tofu and other foods! Press the water out and add flavor! Eat green protein! •Turtle Island Foods - Offering coupons on Tofurky and other Meat Alternatives

•WholeSoy & Co. - Offering coupons on Soy Yogurt and Soy Frozen Yogurt


Click on links at that page to get taken to the sites.

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