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Friday, April 03, 2009

LI Celebrity Alert: Julio Lugo

Learning that he was lactose intolerant seemed to have been a boon for Boston Red Sox shortstop Julio Lugo.

He's been through a bad year, with an injury, a lawsuit, and his wife's miscarriage. This is the year he hopes it will all get better, according to an article by Amalie Benjamin of The Boston Globe.

The athleticism was evident.

So, too, was the added weight, the added strength. As Rocco Baldelli, also a teammate in Tampa, said, only half-joking, "He looks like someone drew his body on like a cartoon character that has those rippling muscles like a superhero."

That began last season, when all Lugo could do was work out, and has left him nearing 188 pounds, after being listed at 175 a year ago. It helped that he found out in the offseason that he was lactose intolerant, helping him quell his stomach discomfort and allowing him to train without distraction.

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