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Monday, April 06, 2009

Tofutti Pan Crust Pizza Pizzazz

The Denver Decider webpage looks like a web version of an alternative weekly paper. Maybe the article on frozen pizza was the tipoff. Home slice: The pizza world's frozen best by Janelle Zara.

Rather than succumbing to the shtick, here’s Decider’s rundown of the best pizza options available in your local grocer’s freezer aisle—all for under $7.

Somewhat stunningly, even for a paper with a decided slant toward vegans, the top mention went to our old friend Tofutti.
Tofutti Pan Crust Pizza Pizzazz
At first glance, this vegan option looks reminiscent of something you’d pop in the microwave every afternoon after coming home from middle school. It boasts a wholly unappetizing appearance—like someone melted some rubbery cheese on an orange cracker. Yet, for a dairy-free slice that bases its single topping on soy bean curd, it tastes surprisingly like the real thing—especially at $3.29 for a box of three slices (which you’ll likely eat all at once). Just think: With all that money you’re saving, you can buy yourself a new pair of leather-free shoes.
For: Vegans who haven’t moved out of mom’s house yet.

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