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Friday, April 10, 2009

The Bridge - Italian Non-Dairy Drinks

FoodBizDaily printed a press release from the Italian firm The Bridge that lead me into an entire world of non-dairy drinks for the European market.

Bio Avena Cuisine is an oats cream, 100 % vegetable, lactose free, animal fats free and hydrogenated fats free. It can be used as an alternative to the traditional milk cream. The particular formulation makes the product delicate, light (less then 10 % of fats) and rich of fibres.

Furthermore we choose not to use any ingredient like soya or colza lecithin, neither xantan gum, in order to be sure to have a healthy product, GMO free. Bio Avena cuisine is excellent for preparation of salted dishes as pasta, for seasoning vegetables and for preparation of tasty desserts.

•0 % lactose
•0 % cholesterol

Oats "milks" are not new, either in Europe or the U.S., but they haven't made as many inroads into the market as soy "milks." But The Bridge has that covered as well. They make both soy and rice drinks and have since 1994.

Unfortunately, their site doesn't say exactly where their products are available. In Europe, presumably, yet the site is entirely in English. I hope somebody can find them.

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