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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Kids with Food Allergies Celebrates Passover and More

The organization, Kids with Food Allergies is a major resource for parents. You can find large amounts of information on their website, including a convenient page that summarizes US FDA and USDA food allergy recall alerts. (You can also subscribe to get the recall info sent to you.)

Another free resource is a 24-page .pdf titled Passover: Celebrate with Food Allergies and Have Fun, Too!.

Other resources are reserved for parents.

More than 14,000 parents have joined Kids With Food Allergies, a nationwide nonprofit organization offering online food allergy support groups for families raising children with food allergies.

The Value of a Family Membership: Parents love our online food allergy support group, information, news and allergy-free recipes. We invite you to become a KFA Family Member and gain the special privilege of full access to our services:

± Support forums for Parents of Food Allergic Kids

Online support groups connect you with other food allergy families nationwide. Our peer-to-peer support will help you adapt to the food allergy lifestyle. Do you have questions about school allergy plans? How to use food allergy recipes? How to breastfeed with food allergies?

± Our growing Safe Eats ™ food allergy recipes database
Search our database for hundreds of recipes free of milk, egg, soy, wheat, peanut, tree nut, sesame and other common allergens. Receive cooking support and recipe help in dedicated Food & Cooking forums.

± Food allergy articles, FAQs, publications, and other resources

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