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Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Ice Dream Cookbook

A few months ago I posted on the amazing run of agave-sweetened coconut milk products that suddenly entered the market in the past year.

Now there's also a cookbook that will help you make your own coconut milk treats at home, sweetened with agave, or honey, or what you will.

Chef Raquel alerted me to her cookbook, The Ice Dream Cookbook: Dairy-Free Ice Cream Alternatives with Gluten-Free Cookies, Compotes & Sauces by Rachel Albert-Matesz, The Healthy Cooking Coach.

You can find it on her The Garden Of Eating Diet website. $25 paperback, 7x10, illustrated, indexed, w/charts, appendices, 300 pages.

The first cookbook to feature delicious, naturally sweetened dairy-free frozen desserts made from coconut milk along with wheat- and gluten- free, naturally sweetened cookies, fruit compotes, and sauces. Provides information about the health benefits of coconut; tips for using a non-caloric herbal sweetener; charts to help you modify your favorite dessert recipes; a guide to buying ice cream makers and other kitchen tools; ingredient glossary; 80 recipes with more than 200 variations; clear and detailed instructions; nutrition breakdowns, four appendices, index, illustrations, and 300 total pages.

For more about the author and sample recipes visit her blog at:


Planetary Press
P.O. Box 97040
Phoenix, AZ 85060-7040 USA
Phone: (602) 840-4556

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