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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Puppermint Lactose-Free Ice Cream

You're a mammal. Also mammals are naturally lactose intolerant after weaning. That means your pet dogs and cats should have milk products. Really. They aren't little furry people.

I remind people of this every once in a while. Just as I'm reminded every once in a while that some other people make lactose-free treats for their pets. I wrote about Ice Cream Sandwiches for Dogs a few years ago.

And today it's Pup Ice. Pup Ice is one of the products of Cold Nose Creamery. It comes in four flavors, Puppernilla, Puppernutter, Pup o' Latte, and of course Puppermint. All use lactose-free milk (made by adding the lactase enzyme) and soy milk.

At the moment Pup Ice is only sold in a few stores in Connecticut and one in Massachusetts. They're trying to get a wider distribution, though.

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