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Thursday, November 19, 2009

First UK/Ireland Allergy Support Center

The Allergy N I Support Centre has opened in Antrim, Northern Ireland. It is the first center or even centre of its kind in the UK.
"Allergy N I is a local charity formed in 2005, to support individuals and families with serious and potentially life threatening allergies by providing education, information, support and campaigning on their behalf."

What We Do

The following activities will be held at various venues throughout N. Ireland:
Workshops for parents/carers: covering concerns and issues relevent to you and finding a way forward.

Workshops for children aged 6-10 years: brothers and sisters of the allergic child can also participate in this fun way of finding out more about allergies.

Workshops for young people aged 11-18 years: covering topical issues for allergic teens.

Meetings with relevant speakers: we extend a warm welcome to members and non-members at all of our meetings.

'Nut-Free' Halloween party for children aged 3-10 years: this is a chance for all nut allergic children to feel part of and enjoy Halloween activities in a safer environment. (As with all our activities involving younger children, at least one parent/child will be asked to remain with their child).

Regional Newsletter for members: a quarterly edition will keep everyone up-to-date with what's happening around the Province. Members are encouraged to contribute via articles, Children's Joke corner, eating out and holiday experiences etc.

Raising awareness of allergies: this wil be carried out via the media, posters, leaflets, speaking to staff and students in schools, colleges etc as well as lobbying for improved allergy services in N. Ireland.

Putting parents in touch with each other to share experiences: if you would like to speak to someone with similar experiences to you, let us know and this can be arranged.

Provide advice and support to members: This is undertaken in various ways as part of our wide range of activities.

Fundraising: as well as a means of financing our many activities this can also be used to raise awareness.

They also sell a cookbook, Parties, Picnics, and Packed Lunches.

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