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Monday, January 25, 2010

Good Karma Milk Alternatives

Also at the supermarket this week I found products from Good Karma Foods, surely the quintessential natural/organic/alternative name.

Good Karma Organic Rice Divine and Organic Whole Grain Ricemilk products use the finest organic ingredients to give you a delightful eating experience indistinguishable from the even the best ice creams and dairy beverages. Our amazing products are Gluten Free, Dairy free, Vegan, Kosher, and Supports Green Farming.

They have three lines of milk alternative products.

Organic Rice Divine: Pints

Here’s the whole story behind Good Karma Organic Rice Divine™: We did it for you. You wanted someone to create a dessert no one had thought of before - - here it is. You didn’t want to worry about lactose intolerance or wheat allergies - - you don’t have to. You wanted uncompromised flavors that no one else had thought of before (or no one else had gotten right yet) - here they are.

Flavors: Banana Fudge; Carrot Cake; Chocolate Chip; Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge; Coconut Mango; Key Lime Pie; Mint Chocolae Swirl; Mudd Pie; Very Cherry; Very Vanilla.

Organic Whole Grain: Ricemilk

Get ready for the perfect ricemilk! Good Karma Foods as always, is excited to bring you yet another product of unparalleled quality and innovation. Welcome to the first beverage anywhere with 8 grams of Organic Whole Grain Brown Rice in every serving.Good Karma’s Organic Whole Grain Ricemilk contains all of the natural bran,bran oils, and other naturally occurring nutrients contained in Whole Grain Brown Rice! Our entire line is Organic, Creamy and Delicious! Enjoy Good Karma over cereal, in coffee, and best of all, in a tall cold glass.

Flavors: Chocolate; Original; and Vanilla.

Organic Rice Divine: Chocolate Covered Bars

The greatest frozen dessert we could create, and you don’t even need a spoon to enjoy it! Organic Rice Divine™ bars dipped in real organic chocolate and served on a stick. Just unwrap and enjoy. What could be easier? Available in Very Vanilla and Chocolate Chocolate. Three 3 ounce bars per box.Good Karma Organic Rice Divine™ - we’ve raised the bar on frozen desserts!

Flavors: Chocolate Chocolate Bars and Very Vanilla Bars

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