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Monday, July 19, 2010

A Better Way to Use Lactose

Are you lactose-intolerant? Do you turn up your nose at milk? Are you so contemptuous of dairy that you feel you'd rather stick your foot in it rather than drinking it?

Go ahead. That may be a good idea.

Erin Andrews, the ESPN reporter, had an article on talking about the best way to get a spa-quality pedicure at home.

Erin Andrews photo courtesy of Drew Shealy via Wikipedia

Point number three:
3. Soak feet in a flat-bottomed tub filled with warm water. To create a spa-like experience, add in bath salts, aromatherapy oil or epsom salt, then soak for 10 minutes. Try adding one-half cup of milk to your foot bath; the lactose will help loosen dead skin.

Is this true? Why should this work? What's the mechanism?

I can't imagine any answers to these questions. Frankly, I think it's totally insane quackery.

It can't hurt you in any way I can think of, though, so if you want to have fun with milk you can't drink, be my guest.

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